I want to learn. I want to give back.

I dig funky, soul music and play drums in a band. I love reading and talking about philosophy. I love to be out in nature (no matter the season or location). Good documentaries have a gravitational pull on me. I am so grateful for the gift that is my meditative practice.

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I am a social change enthusiast and explorer of experience who passionately and creatively engages audiences, classrooms, work environments, and online communities. I teach psychology at Luzerne County Community College, not to lecture and grade, but instead, to have inspired conversations with students and to help them discover their talents, gifts, and passions. I am a Master Trainer for CultureRx working with businesses to transform workplace cultures from a 1940’s approach to a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE), which frees people to do their best work and live their most fulfilling life. I’m a dynamic and engaging public speaker and thought provoking blogger and vlogger. I also help individuals and businesses connect with their authentic voice to tell their stories using social media. Connect with me to learn, live, and laugh. 

Some of the organizations I have had the pleasure to speak for include: New Jersey Pest Management Association, Residex, Partners in Education, Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, Junior Leadership of Hazleton, Tectum Inc., National Roofing Contractors Association, Keystone Job Corps

My career path has been diverse and I have been able to learn so many lessons along the way.

  1. I trained school staff across the nation to benefit from school-based Medicaid programs for special needs students.

  2. I implemented and managed school-based Medicaid programs for the Bethlehem Area School District in Pennsylvania.

  3. I was a lead facilitator for a two year federal research project (National Institutes of Health) studying changes in work practice and culture that reduce conflict between work and family,can improve the health of employees and their families, and also benefit the organization for which they work.

  4. I helped curate and publish social media content for Origin Magazine, Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine, and Thrive Magazine.

  5. I am a Simple Reminder Messenger with work published in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best seller book, Simple Reminders, Inspiration for Living Your Best Life.

  6. I helped conceptualize and execute and manage two businesses In Hazleton PA, Elevate Fitness and Cafe Fraîche, and managed Tap at Humboldt Beer Depot.

Michael is the type of leader that has the right passion to rally people around new ideas or concepts. Watching Michael engage a room full of people is truly inspiring. He is comfortable in sticky situations, can easily see both sides, and can maneuver his way to solutions that work for everyone. If you need to employ a natural leader - someone with style, humor and smarts, it’s Michael Barata. ~ Jody Thompson, co-owner of CultureRx